Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lynn's July Color Challenge

Oh gosh, I'm having just too much fun with these color challenges this month. Lynn at DigitalArts-Cafe has a challenge with wonderful colors called Sunny Dance. I put together a QP for it, to share. Click on the preview to download.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More From Friends

I get luckier every day. Yesterday, another close friend and struggling PS user sent me a QP she put together using my July AND June CC kits. If this keeps up, we'll end up with a mini album. Remember though, these are 8x8's since that's the size that myself and my friends use. I'll have to retrain them to do 12 x 12's. HA! And you KNOW how hard it is to retrain friends. hehehe Click on the images to download.

I'm also sharing some papers that I put together yesterday while playing around with overlays and then adding color. As I've said before, PS is all new to me so I'm still in the learning curve. This exercise with overlays gave me some good practice.

Here comes the heat wave outside. Good day to stay inside & out of the bad air quality we're having because of the heat and the fires still burning our beautiful forests here in Calif. So Sad.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Quick Page from a Friend

One of my closest friends and PS pal, just surprised me with a QP made from my Kims July CC kit. Isn't it pretty? Thanks Danna. She's given me permission to post it for everyone. So, just click on the preview to download it. This page is designed for an 8 x 8 layout.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kims July Color Challenge

Kim has posted another Color Challenge at DSO forums and I'm jumping in, once again. I WILL say that putting together a mini kit forces me to use Photoshop and learn new things. So, it's a win/win situation for everyone. One of my favorite colors is red, so it was fun for me to use that color in a mini kit. I'm still in awe on how people can put together the Actions in PS. I watch all those scripts pass over my screen and it boggles my mind. But, I'm glad that someone has taken the time to put them together. It saves me a hunk of time, that's for sure.

Tomorrow is my quilting day with friends, but if I find some time, I'll make a quick page to go with the kit I put together. And perhaps "borrow" some elements from others that have contributed to the July CC. Click on the preview image to download.