Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm designing for About.com - Free Kit

I'm proud to announce that I am now an independent scrapbook kit designer for About.com. If you are not familiar with About.com or their wonderful graphics area, run by Sue Chastain, their graphics guide, please check it out soon. She always has tips, ideas and tutorials for all the major graphics programs, along with reviews and freebies. There is a newsletter that you can sign up for that will keep you informed of all the new content that she has ready for you.

I'll be designing a new kit for them, each month and you can pick up the digital scrapbooking freebie April kit by clicking on the preview below.

NOTE: When saving the files at About.com, click on the small thumbnail to get an individual image, then right click and choose:

IE: Save Target As...
Firefox or Google Chrome: Save Link As...
Safari: Save Linked File
Opera: Save Linked Content As...

Otherwise, you will not get the correct filename or filetype.

I often get "stuck" with color palette ideas, so if you have one you'd like me to use, please feel free to email it to me. teapotlady at gmail dot com

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kim's March 09 Color Challenge

Here I am with another mini kit for Kim's Color Challenges. I missed last month, as I've had some computer problems. Plus, sorry Kim, but I just couldn't get into those colors. She gives us 5 colors and we are to create a layout or mini kit with them.

The hard drive, went out in my, less than a year old, HP computer. Fortunately, I keep backups on externals. WHEW! Rather than deal with HP's tech support...and I'll leave it at that....I just took it to The Geek Squad at Best Buy and had them fix it. It's, actually, still there. My laptop has been getting a good work out because of it. However, not before a problem started with it too. Since Comcast gives me McAfee for free, I decided it was time to uninstall Nortons (purchased) and just use McAfee. Well, the computer had a different opinion. Norton's had embedded itself in so many places, that it caused networking problems along with a few others. I spent time with Comcast and Sony tech support to try and get it working. We finally gave up after an hour and did a complete recovery. That meant reinstalling everything. What a pain, that always is. And I'll be looking at reinstalling when I get the desktop back too.

Enough of all that. Here's my mini kit that I made for the Color Challenge. You can download it by clicking on the picture.